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Upcoming Events

Old Blues and Old Furies Games 2009

The Old Blues and Furies matches will be taking place on 21st Feburary 2009 at Marston (1pm KO)

If you would like to play, please rsvp to Sarah Rouse (slrouse@gmail.com) with the following information:
1) Which game you would like to play in.
2) If you are able to make the dinner in the evening.

Past Events

Old Furies Game 2007

Time: 27th Jan 2007 Sat wk2, 2pm
Venue: University Parks, Centaurs pitch (between river and path from LMH to Science Area)
Before KO: Meet New Furies at University Park Keble Road gate, 1pm
After Match: refreshments at the Pavilion
After Refreshment: free time
After that: drinks at the Cape of Good Hope pub on the Plain/Magdalen Roundabout, 7pm
After Drinks: dinner at Dil Dunia, an Indian restaurant on the Cowley Road
After Dinner: who knows...

Below was the beginning message from the New Furies captain:

Furies of the past, frail, withered, decrepit, unfit and rubbish compared to the New Furies,

We would like to invite you to the Old Furies game 2007 to be held on the 27th January.

I hope that many of you can keep this weekend free. It's always a nice weekend break, a competitive but light hearted game of football, some good food and drink and obviously some amazing company and a chance to catch up. please note that not only are the New Furies this year great footballers, they are also a great laugh. The Old Blues game will not be held on this weekend so we won't have to be relegated to the training pitch that they let the dogs run on. I'm sure that if you need a place to stay the more familiar faces in the New Furies team will be able to find somewhere for you to shack up. If you have any queries please get in touch with club president aka MT, Club Secretary Sarah Tooke Or me, jij aka jiz aka sperm (respective email addresses can be found on the current committees page). I'm Furies Captain this year by the way for those of you who didn't know. I didn't just decide to send you a message about how we're going to beat you. Please don't let the results so far this year fool you. We might even be better than in the golden years..................

All the best best for 2007 and I hope to see/hear from you all soon,