Letters to Alumnae

July 2007

Dear All,

We are currently looking to revamp this alumnae section of the OUWAFC website and we would really like to know what you would find most interesting to read about and what information would be most useful on these pages. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please get in contact with either myself or the club webmaster Sai Yang. One suggestion has been to add photos and match reports to the team lists and results already posted for former Varsity matches-we need your help with this!

July has seen the introduction of what we hope will become a regular termly club newsletter to keep all members both past and present up to date with our current news. However our electronic mailing list is far from complete and hence we are unable to distribute this to all past members. Again if you can let us know if your contact details have changed or if you are in touch with old team mates to whom you can forward our correspondence or provide a current e-mail address for, that would be fantastic.

The annual Old Furies match took place in the University parks on the 27th January, where a hard fought 1-0 victory was earnt by the New Furies. On the 23rd June, the first Old Blues Tournament was held at Iffley Road. It was great to have such a good mix of former and current members and to have the chance for a good catch up as well as to play some good football! We are looking to reestablish the Old Blues match next season, but hopefully this informal tournament will also become an annual event. We will keep you informed of the dates for next years events in our mailouts at the start of the new season. If there are any photos or reports from previous season's alumnae matches and socials, we would love to add these to a section on the website.

For those people on facebook, there is now an 'OUWAFC Alumnae' group established; please feel free to join and to upload any photos you'd like to share. This should provide the simplest way to keep in touch with old team mates and to keep track of plans for future club events.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any queries or suggestions; it's always really nice to hear from everyone! I hope that you are all doing well and have a lovely summer,

Charlotte Coles
OUAFC Women's Alumnae Officer

August 2006

Dear All,

I hope all you all are enjoying summer - out in the real world, no less. Things here in Oxford are going well and OUWAFC is looking forward to what is sure to be a great season, which is going to be kicked off by our trip to Kenya at the end of August. Members of both the Blues and the Furies squads will be travelling to Nairobi and Mombasa, where we will help facilitate a football education program with students at the US International University, play in a tournament and, of course, visit the beach. More information is available here.

However, aside from keeping you up to date on some of our current news, I am also writing you in order to make sure that the club has up to date contact details for all of you. As a starting point, this would allow us to make sure that we can still get in contact with you when it comes to the old girls vs new match in the winter. But, moreover, this year we hope to organise various alumnae events separate from the annual old v. new match, to allow you all to reconnect and catch up with some of your old team-mates, and maybe meet some new faces with a common connection.

Changes are soon to be made, too, to the club's website. Here we hope to create a private area where you can leave messages for old members, post some details of what you're up to nowadays, and find out about events happening near you... yes, that's right - in the next few months we'd really like to get a few of you on board as Alumnae coordinators, to help plan and facilitate events more local to you, our old members, wherever that may be. Ideally, we'd like not only to have an up to date email address for you but also a home address and mobile phone number. By providing us with these details you are not signing yourself up to be constantly hounded by OUWAFC, but rather will be able to have access to information about the club, alumnae, and events.  Essentially, it is an opportunity to stay in touch and stay involved - to a greater or lesser extent. Even if you don't want to provide us with your address (though we hope that you will), then please tell us roughly where you're living now, since it'd be great to know how far and wide our former members have become distributed and how we can bring our events to you!

Finally, a plea. We have a list of old members, but for many, their email addresses have long since passed out of use. Consequently, if you're still in touch with any of these people, then please urge them to get in touch with us, since we currently have no other means of contacting them! You'll find them flagged as 'Lost Souls' on the Old Members list.

And of course, these are the ones we know about - if you're still in touch with someone not listed here, whom you know didn't receive this email, then please forward this on to them if you can, or direct them to this website, and urge them to get in touch!

Once again, I hope that you are all doing well and hope to hear back from you soon.


Sarah Louise Tooke
OUWAFC Secretary
Alumnae Officer