Cuppers, League & 5-aside

League 2008-9 - view results here

Division IDivision IIDivision IIIDivision IVDivision V
AChrist Church/Oriel St Catherine's/ Balliol MCRJesusBalliol/ Regent's ParkBrasenose
BKebleMansfield RoadLMH/ TrinityExeter/ St. Hilda'sCorpus/ Pembroke
COsler HouseQueen's/WycliffeMagdalen/ LinacreLincolnHertford
DSt Antony's/WolfsonSomerville I
Merton/ MansfieldSomerville IISt Anne's/ St Hugh's
ESt John'sSt CatzNew
St Peter's
FWadhamWorcesterTeddy Hall


League Fixtures: Divisions 1-3

MT Wk 2 A vs B, C vs D, E vs F

MT Wk 4 A vs C, B vs E, D vs F

MT Wk 6 D vs A. F vs B, C vs E

League Fixtures: Division 4

MT Wk2 A vs B, C vs D

MT Wk4 B vs C, D vs A

MT Wk6 A vs C, D vs  B

League Fixtures: Division 5

MT Wk2 A vs B, C vs D

MT Wk4 B vs E, D vs A

MT Wk6 C vs B, E vs  A

Cuppers 2008-9 - view results here

Group IGroup IIGroup IIIGroup IVGroup VGroup VI
JesusOsler HouseHertfordWorcesterSt. Catherine's/ Balliol MCRSt. Catherine's
LincolnBrasenoseSt. Antony's/ WolfsonSt. Annes/ St. Hugh'sKebleSomerville I
St John'sChrist Church/ OrielBallilo/ Regent's ParkMagdalen/ LinacreQueen's/ WycliffeWadham
Corpus Christi/ Pembroke
Exeter/ Hilda'sLMH/ TrinitySomerville IINewMerton/ Mansfield
St. Edmund HallSt. Peter's

Cuppers Fixtures – Groups 1-4

MT Wk 3 A vs B, C vs D

MT Wk 5 A vs C, B vs D

MT Wk 7 D vs A, B vs C

Groups 5 + 6

MT Wk3 A vs B, C vs D

MT Wk5 B vs E, D vs A

MT Wk7 C vs B, E vs  A

5-aside 2008-9

Fixtures for the 2008/09 tournament will appear here at the start of Trinity term 2009